Going for the Gold

Emily Robbearts
Emily Robbearts
Director of EAGLE
    Watching coverage of the Olympics over the past few weeks has been such a powerful lesson in the quest for excellence. We watch the backstories of the athletes and get a glimpse of their personal stories. From our front row seats at home, we feel the thrill when an athlete performs at his or her best and reaches that Olympic goal. When a performance comes up short and the dream for medal is not realized, our hearts break at the disappointment.
In either moment, as the athletes talk with reporters, what strikes me most is how so many don’t dwell on the immediate outcome. They all talk about their Olympic journey… the path that led them to Tokyo, the people who supported them (coaches, parents, teammates), what they have learned about themselves and the rewards they experienced along the way.

So, let’s continue to strive for excellence and celebrate the victory when it comes. But let us not forget the impact of that day-to-day consistency, the effort to aim high and the commitment to do a little better than the time before. Isn’t that what going for the gold, be it in the form of a medal or an accreditation, is truly all about?

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