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A message from Emily Robbearts, Director of EAGLE Accreditation

One Body, Many Parts – 1 Corinthians 12-27
In the midst of your busy day, I invite you to pause and reflect on the messages within this passage of Corinthians that celebrate the power of connection. We are reminded that each of us has a unique function that complements each other when used together. We are reminded that when one part is in need, the other parts rally their support. We are reminded that while our services are different, we are united by our faith-based foundation.

The role you serve within your EAGLE accredited organization is a gift that strengthens the impact of our EAGLE Accreditation Program. Whether you are a peer reviewer, an EAGLE coordinator, a communicator, or a leader at the executive level, your commitment to EAGLE makes a difference. In the past year, you have shared best practices, supported each other during challenging times and embarked on new partnerships.

Our 2022 calendar offers many opportunities for you to continue to use your gifts to build relationships within the EAGLE network. Several of these opportunities are showcased in our newsletter. From participating in the EAGLE Education Series to sharpen your knowledge of EAGLE, serving on a review team or engaging with the Communications Network so that you can raise awareness of the value of EAGLE, there are many ways to keep EAGLE soaring this year.

As our plans unfold for 2022, I hope to see you either on-line or even better in-person at the UMA Annual Meeting in Savannah, GA to celebrate the power of our EAGLE connection!

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