Initiative Underway to Reassess EAGLE Principles

In the coming year, the EAGLE principles will undergo a thorough reassessment through the work of the Thrive Initiative. The vision of the Thrive Initiative is to grow and enhance the EAGLE Accreditation Program and position it as the accreditation of choice for faith-based organizations serving older adults; children, youth and families; and persons with disabilities.

A steering committee of EAGLE Commissioners and other subject matter experts has been working since mid-2021 to establish goals of the Initiative and explore current practices of highly effective non-profits. The three primary goals of Thrive Initiative are

  1. Continue EAGLE’s emphasis on operational excellence and support of best practices in senior living, child/family services and programs for those with developmental disabilities.
  2. Evaluate assessment guidelines within the accreditation process to ensure that organizations are not only meeting quality service standards but are on a course for long term sustainability.
  3. Streamline the accreditation process to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality.

UMA has retained GPS Consulting to support this work over the next 12-18 months with an aim to implement changes by the end of 2023.

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