EAGLE Carries the Torch for Faith-based Service Excellence

EAGLE was on the move in 2022 as 33 peer reviewers took to the air, to the road, and even to Zoom to complete 13 EAGLE-related visits. As a result, EAGLE ended the year adding four new organizations to the EAGLE network. Post-visit surveys completed by organizations showcase the value of EAGLE’s focus on the role of a faith-based commitment to service and operational excellence.

“EAGLE reinforces our commitment to our faith foundation in several ways. It keeps us connected to UMA and the association members. With the continuous improvement that EAGLE strives for us to achieve, it guides us to continually look at our spiritual care program and how we can maintain and/or improve our programs as they relate to our residents, staff and surrounding community.”

VIDAS Servicios Sociales Episcopales, Saint Just Station, PR

“EAGLE reinforces the constant need to reassess, understand and align our organization’s mission vision and values to our heritage. In these tumultuous times, this is more important than ever to always have a mechanism to keep this in focus.”

Spero Family Services, Mount Vernon, IL

If your organization has been considering EAGLE Accreditation, take the first step by attending an Introduction to EAGLE session planned in 2023. Several sessions are available. Click here for dates, times and registration information. This is a perfect time to join the path toward earning EAGLE Accreditation in 2024.

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