Virtual EAGLE Reviews Completed Successfully

Two joint virtual EAGLE accreditation reviews were completed successfully this month in coordination with the Counsel on Accreditation (COA) as EAGLE continues its work with considerations for the ongoing pandemic.

The reviews included extensive interviews with the organizations’ leadership team, Board of Directors, spiritual life leaders, and clients using the Zoom platform.
Reviewers, who conducted the reviews over three days, found the experience easygoing and achievable due to the ability to meet more people efficiently.

“We were able to gather all of the information needed to conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment, through the wonders of technology,” reviewers shared.

Preparation and collaboration during the joint review processes allowed preliminary questions the interviews and allowed for follow up when necessary. The process allowed them to engage on a different level without travel limitations and strict time constraints.

UMA, which oversees the operations for the EAGLE Accreditation Program, continues to assess the situation to determine when it will be appropriate to restart in-person site reviews.

“There is obviously no replacement for the personal on-site experience,” commented one reviewer.

During these challenging times, organizations and volunteer peer reviewers have stepped forward into continuing to achieve excellence through EAGLE Accreditation.

If you are interested in EAGLE Accreditation or being a Peer Reviewer, please contact Jill Myers at