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EAGLE Accreditation

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Jill's Message

Jill Myers
Jill Myers
Director of EAGLE
The scripture "perhaps you were born for such a time as this" (Esther 4:14) affirms we make a difference where God has placed us. Previous involvement as an EAGLE Coordinator at a member organization and serving as a Peer Reviewer many years prepared me to step up as I was called to lead as the Director of EAGLE for the last couple of years. As we have improved processes and reinforced EAGLE's status as a competitive choice in accreditation, I am sure this was the moment for which I was created. Now as my assignment is completed, I will return to base and resume my calling being an EAGLE proponent and a lifetime supporter of United Methodist Association.

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Commission Approves Changes for Ongoing Improvements to Principles
The EAGLE Accreditation Commission confirmed several measures to streamline the current standards and eliminate redundancy during its recent meeting. The Commission approved detailed changes to align CYF and OAM manuals into one document while ensuring the language and differences between services and clients in Principle 2 are outlined in a more understandable way.

In addition, the accreditation score sheets used by peer reviewers are being coordinated with the changes to improve the experience for organizations and peer reviewers.

New versions of the EAGLE Accreditation Manual will be available early in 2021.

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UMA Announces New Director of EAGLE
Emily Robbearts
Emily Robbearts
UMA is pleased to announce Emily Robbearts as incoming Director of EAGLE Accreditation, beginning November 2. Robbearts will work with current Director Jill Myers to ensure a smooth transition as Jill ends her successful tenure with UMA.
Emily comes to UMA from her current position as the Director of Agency Impact for Chaddock, a role that involves oversight of marketing and strategic communications for the Chaddock Family of Organizations. Located in Quincy, Illinois, Chaddock is an internationally recognized leader in the treatment of children experiencing the psychological and emotional effects of significant abuse, neglect, and trauma.
During her tenure at Chaddock, Emily has assisted with the agency's EAGLE accreditation survey, served as a peer reviewer on three EAGLE site visits, and participated on the EAGLE Marketing Task Force... read more.

UMA Thanks a Dedicated Leader
Jill Myers
Jill Myers
UMA and The EAGLE Accreditation Commission express their sincere gratitude to outgoing Director of EAGLE Jill Myers as she returns full-time as Executive Vice President at The Methodist Home in Macon, GA after more than two years of devoted work for EAGLE.
Myers joined the UMA team as a leased employee in August 2018 in a creative, inspiring collaboration between The Methodist Home and UMA.
"When I realized UMA was in need of an immediate, experienced leader for EAGLE, I instantly knew Jill Myers was the person for this role," said Evans, CEO of The Methodist Home. "In my opinion, there is no one in the nation more qualified to lead the EAGLE Accreditation program."
The innovative relationship between UMA and The Methodist Home exceeded the expectations and timelines as Myers served EAGLE during a critical time of growing national recognition... read more.

UMA Visits the Presbyterian Home for Children, Talladega, Alabama
Left to right: Jill Myers (Director of EAGLE Accreditation, UMA), Doug Marshall (President and CEO, Presbyterian Home for Children) and Mary Kemper (President and CEO, UMA)

Virtual EAGLE Reviews Completed Successfully
Two joint virtual EAGLE accreditation reviews were completed successfully this month in coordination with the Council on Accreditation (COA) as EAGLE continues its work with considerations for the ongoing pandemic.
The reviews included extensive interviews with the organizations' leadership teams, Board of Directors, spiritual life leaders, and clients using the Zoom platform.
Reviewers, who conducted the reviews over three days, found the experience easygoing and achievable due to the ability to meet more people efficiently... read more.

EAGLE Accreditation Site Visit Scheduling
Organizations have continued on the dedicated path to accreditation despite the barriers of COVID-19. A robust calendar for 2021 includes several new organizations seeking EAGLE accreditation for the first time. EAGLE accreditation peer reviewers interested in participating in an upcoming review are asked to email Jill Myers at jmyers@ouruma.org. Opportunities in New York, Virginia, Florida, Mississippi and Puerto Rico are in process at this time.
Interested, in becoming a new peer reviewer? Reach out to Jill Myers now to begin your training.
    EAGLE Accreditation

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Shared Learning

Senior Living Residents Feel Safe, According to New Comprehensive Survey
Two-part UMA Webinar Will Review Findings
A new national survey of independent senior living communities, residents, staff and prospective residents released this month revealed they overwhelmingly felt safe during COVID-19 and confident their communities had taken appropriate precautions to keep them safe. Plante Moran Living Forward recently partnered with Retirement DYNAMICS® to survey more than 23,000 residents and staff at senior independent living communities across the country, as well with prospective future residents. Click here to download the full report.

On December 9 and 10, UMA is pleased to announce a special two-part webinar event to discuss these findings. UMA Annual Sponsors will join in this two-part webinar series to offer their mutual insights, valuable key take-aways, and solutions from this unprecedented survey.
     Plante Moran Living Forward

See the Events Calendar and stay tuned for further information on this exciting virtual event!

Are you taking advantage of the UMA Peer Networks?
The UMA Peer Networks are thriving this year with strong informal and formal discussions at our regular HR, Development and Spiritual Care Networks (contact Kristen Jones, kjones@ouruma.org). In September, we added periodic CEO network calls on critical topics. On November 18th, we invite CEOs serving children and youth or persons with disabilities to join us for a discussion on Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (contact Mary Kemper, mkemper@ouruma.org). In December, we invite you to join us for our first ever Early Learning and Child Care Services peer network event on December 11th (contact Jill Myers, jmyers@ouruma.org). See the calendar for peer network details.

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The mission of an EAGLE accredited organization is one of Christian mission and service.
Furthermore the organization is clearly connected to a Christian church or denomination.

The Best of Things in the Worst of Times
Dr. Bob Moon
Dr. Bob Moon
VP Church Relations/Chaplain
The Methodist Home
Macon, Georgia
The cornerstone of a chapel in Leicestershire, England, bears these immortal words:

"In the year 1653, when all things sacred were throughout the nation either demolished or profaned, Sir Robert Shirley, Baronet, builded this church; whose singular praise it was to have done the best things in the worst times, and to have hoped them in the most calamitous."

The year is 2020, not 1653, but we find ourselves again endeavoring to do the best things in the worst times. EAGLE has long helped guide our principles by focusing not just on "what" and "how" but on "who" and "WHY."

The Methodist Home mission statement deals with kids, family, and our staff. But the first words undergird it all: "In response to Christ and the Church." This is our "why" that moves us.

Essential work defines what we do on our campuses. No matter the circumstances, our people stand in the gap to provide for our kids. Why? Because no matter who sends our kids to us... read more.

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Additional COVID-19 Resources

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November 5 Development Network Call, 10:00 AM (Eastern)
The Non-Profit Difference: Leveraging a Relationship with your Organization's Marketing and Sales Teams
November 11 Human Resources Network Call, 11:00 AM (Eastern)
Are You Stuck in the Performance Review Quagmire?
December 9 Webinar: COVID-19 Sentiment Survey Results and Marketing & Sales Solutions During a Pandemic
Presented by Plante Moran Living Forward and others. More details coming soon.
December 10 Webinar: Critical Operating Solutions in a COVID-19 Environment
Presented by Plante Moran Living Forward and others. More details coming soon.
December 11 Early Learning and Child Care Services Peer Networking Call, 11:00 AM (Eastern)
Contact Jill Myers (jmyers@ouruma.org) for details.
April 27 - 29 UMA Annual Meeting

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